About SFTB

This site is intended to be a resource for Christians seeking to go deeper in their knowledge and love of God and His Word.

The bulk of the posts and articles are taken directly from the sermons and study guides written an used by my dad Gray Robinson over a ten year period, whilst he served the Lord in his ministry as a pastor. He sadly died in 2003 after a long battle with cancer, but I want to continue his ministry in some small way and pray that it would still impact and change lives.

Gray Robinson

Gray Robinson


The original documents have not been edited as that would consume a lot of time and energy. Some are study guides and others are sermon notes, but all are clearly written and can be followed easily.

This website is still under development and there are hundreds of posts to be added, divided between Topics, Old Testament and New Testament. I hope that eventually it will be fully indexed and accessible for people to use for personal and group study, sermon and talk preparation, and anything else that might be useful. I also intend to use it to link to other useful resources and websites.

Any suggestions or comments for improvement would be most welcome.


Andrew Robinson


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