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Dear visitors, Exciting news! My new worship EP “Where The Light Shines” was released on the 1/9/17. It has 5 acoustic worship songs that I have written this year and I’d love for you to take a listen and get yourself a copy to support my music ministry. I hope that the songs connect with … Continue reading

The Church – God’s Vision of the Gospel

The Church: God’s Vision of the Gospel. Isaiah 52:13 – 54:17. INTRODUCTION. When the word ‘gospel’ is mentioned or the phrase ‘preaching the gospel’ what is it that immediately springs to mind? If you are like me I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is Jesus’ death and resurrection to save me from … Continue reading

The Church – The Church in God’s Masterplan

THE CHURCH IN GOD’S MASTER PLAN.  INTRODUCTION. When we say the word ‘church’ it conjures up all sorts of images in people’s minds. Building Denomination / Organisation – Roman catholic Church, Church of England (The whole organisation or just the local parish church), Baptist Church, etc. People – a good evangelical response! But do we … Continue reading

Isaiah – An Introduction

INTRODUCTORY NOTES ON ISAIAH [See Appendix 1: p.67 of “Two Cities” study notes for the historical context of Isaiah 1-39] There are many themes [motifs] in Isaiah – a brief look at three to get a feel for the book; viz. “The Messianic Hope”, “The City theme” and “the Holy One of Israel”. The Messianic … Continue reading

Nehemiah – Nehemiah’s prayer

NEHEMIAH’S PRAYER  Nehemiah 1v1-11.  Introduction:           Nehemiah was a man of action – we see him as a builder and as a soldier – a leader and politician. Yet the most striking thing about Nehemiah is that he was a man of prayer. As you read his life story you cannot fail to be impressed … Continue reading

Nehemiah – The portrait of a leader

THE PORTRAIT OF A LEADER – NEHEMIAH.   INTRODUCTION.   Elders / Deacons – we are leaders of the Binscombe Church. Helpful to look at Nehemiah as an example of what a godly leader should be. We are briefly looking at his life and ministry – just a glance.   NEHEMIAH’S CIRCUMSTANCES.   His time … Continue reading

Made To Worship

We were made to worship God. That is our purpose above everything else. The Westminster Shorter Catechism says… “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”  When God made Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden it was perfect and they worshipped Him simply by being in … Continue reading


I have been busy over the last few months writing and recording some songs that God has placed on my heart. If you’ve found your way to this site, please take a moment to go to and check it out! You can also follow on Twitter , Facebook or YouTube Thanks, Andrew

Hosea 3:1-5 – The cost of covenant love

Hosea 3v1-5 THE COST OF COVENANT LOVE.   INTRODUCTION.   ILLUST: There have been stories – either fictitious or true – about men who have fallen in love with a prostitute and have married and had a happy life. There have been stories about men who have been “Jack -the lad” who have met a … Continue reading

Hosea 1:1 – 2:1 -The God who won’t let go! Punishment and Promise

THE GOD WHO WON’T LET GO! Punishment and Promise.   Hosea 1v1 – 2v1.   BACKGROUND.   A brief recap of the background is helpful. The kingdom of Israel had split into North [10 tribes] and South [2 tribes] after the death of King Solomon. The North was called Israel and the South, Judah. It … Continue reading

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