What the Bible teaches us about …

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What the Bible teaches us about …

This is a series of studies on a host of topics. Instead of studying a particular passage of scripture we will be looking and various subjects, drawing on a variety of Bible passages.

The areas of study will include, What’s meant by ‘The Word of God’: Is there anyone out there?: What is God like?: How do we know the Bible is true?: What makes humans different from other creatures?: How can Jesus be both God and man?: Who should be baptised, how and when?: When and how will Jesus return?: What is the millennium? …..

It is important to study passages of scripture and draw out the meaning but it is also useful to link together various texts that teach on the same topics. In this way we are able to broaden our understanding of what the scriptures teach on different subjects and more importantly enable us to know God better.

Please click on the links below to access What the Bible teaches us about…

The Word of God

The Bible

Knowing God

The Trinity

Where God is




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