Spiritual Battle: Standing Firm – The Helmet of Salvation

Ephesians 6:10-20

Spiritual Battle: Standing Firm – The Helmet of Salvation

The purpose of the helmet is obvious. It is to protect the head. Our head is the nerve centre of our body. It is where our thoughts are formed and it directs us. It needs to be well protected.

Our salvation is a gift from God. There is nothing we have done to earn or deserve it. When we wear the helmet of salvation we are to be active and not passive. We are to be involved in the action and the battle.

A helmet is the highest point of the armour and is visible for all to see.


When I wear my police helmet at work it makes me about 6 inches taller, it is a visible mark of authority and makes me stand out in a crowd. Our helmet of salvation does the same – we are distinct from the world and we find our identity in the salvation that Christ has provided.

The helmet also protects the thoughts. We can be tempted to think “I’m not good enough and God can’t accept me” but this is a lie that Satan wants us to believe. We are good enough because God has made it so.

Satan wants to desensitise our conscience and minds to sin – this is why we need to stay clear of influences that will numb our spiritual awareness. The things we read and watch, the people we associate with, the things we talk about.

The hope of salvation gives us the hope of eternity. We are engaged in this world’s and struggles that are thrown our way, but when we lift our heads and fix our eyes on the eternal salvation that we are promised it gives us strength to keep fighting.

I loved watching the Olympics last year, and listening to some of the athletes made me realise how much dedication it takes to get to that level of sport. They all talk about hard training through the winter months, the pain and the monotony, but what keeps them going is the competition and the prize that awaits. It spurs them on to lift their heads and keep going.

The prize of eternal salvation that we wear on our heads as the helmet should spur us on to dig in and battle on.

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