Luke 15:11-31 – The lost son who was found



Luke 15:11-31. “The lost son who was found”



Theme for the week -TRANSFORMERS – What is a Transfomer? Cars that change into robots.

What does tranform mean? To change.

Who did you learn about this week who changed?

Israelites from slaves to freemen.                                            Lazarus from death to life.


The Bible is full of stories about people who changed when they met Jesus!!

Blind to seeing!  Zacheus – cheat and swindler to generous caring person. Peter and other followers from fear and hiding to boldness and fearlessness even when threatened with death.



Jesus story –

Man with two sons YS [younger son]. Very rich. YS didn’t want to wait for inheritance.


Give me my share now”

 What does he mean? “I wish you were dead – I want my money.”

“I don’t want to live in your house. I want to be my own boss!”

[Life different in those days – families lived together in one place]


Father very hurt but he is kind and gracious and gives money.


YS goes away – lives it up – big house, lots of friends, best parties in town, if today – cars, speed-boats, discos, Casinos, nightclubs. BUT times get hard, no more money, recession…..

Friends, “Sorry, I’d like to help but…..”  NO jobs!!

Thrown out his house. Bank won’t lend any money. He is on the street.

Eventually get a job feeding pigs – no wages just pig food to eat.



Very sorry for himself. Thinks of his life at home. The food. Warm, clean clothes. Even the servants. “My Dad will never take me back but maybe I can be one of his servants”

He wants to do a deal with his Dad – I’ll work and you look after me – pay me!


LONG JOURNEY HOME> What is my Dad going to say

You really hurt me – I can’t forgive you – go away!”

“Now you’ve got no money you come creeping back”

“I don’t want a son like you – but if you want to work for me go and see the manager about a job and live with the other servants.” NO! NO! NO!



As he got near the house – “What will my Father say? will he speak to me?”

Father has been watching and waiting since the day he left. Sees YS before YS sees him. Runs through the town – make a real fool of himself and hugs and kisses his son.


YS now knows how much his father loves him and he doesn’t want him as a servant but as a son.

YS doesn’t say “make me your servant” but just “I am sorry forgive me!”

He is no longer sorry for himself BUT rather is sorry for breaking his father’s heart.


Father tells servants to bring best clothes, sandals, ring – orders the biggest feast the town has ever seen. Suddenly this poor, lonely, hungry boy is rich has the best food and clothes and is loved.


What a change!!! From living like a pig to living in his father’s house!!!


He was changed because his father loved him  – because he said sorry and his father forgave him.



Like YS we want to run our own lives away from God we think we don’t need him. We think we can live without him — that is what sin is. “God I don’t want you to tell me what to do”

BUT God is not a slave-driver, he is a loving Father waiting for us to come to him and say “I am sorry”


Just like the father in the story humiliated himself and ran through the village so God in the person of Jesus humiliated himself by dying on the cross to make it possible for us to know him as Father.


Maybe like YS you are thinking -“God can’t accept me – I am too bad. I have gone to far away. I have left it too long. I used to believe but I went away from God and now its too late”


NO! it is never too late! [it is only too late when you are dead] Jesus Christ is the great Transformer of lives. He takes lost sinners, which includes us all and changes them into sons and daughters of the living God.


John said about Jesus “Anyone who trusts in Jesus, who really believes in him, he gives them the right to become God’s children” [John1v12]


Being a Christian is not following a set of rules – “do’s and don’t’s” – It is having a relationship with the living God as your Father who loves you.


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