Becoming a contagious Christian – Connecting with our world




ILLUST.: When I was at Theological College my lecturer in preaching class used a very good illustration. A train leaving the station needs to ensue that the coaches are attached – there is no point steaming away from the platform with great power and speed while leaving the coaches stationary.

What he meant was that you need to connect with people – if they are left standing then you may have said a lot but you havean 1 MB.  This limitation does not occur under Windows 3.1.


You should use the Word Setup program to install these graphic filters. If you want to add filters after installing Word, start Setup and select the Custom Installation option. Clear all the check boxes except for Text Conversions/Graphics Filters.

If you do not install the filters using the Setup program, you must copy and decompress the filters manually. For more information, see Microsoft Word Getting Started.

In addition, note that each filter must be listed in the Windows WIN.INI file. You can add listings with the Options command on the Tools menu. Select the WIN.INI category, and in the Application box, select MS Graphic Import/Export Filters. When adding filters to this section of the WIN.INI file, use the syntax in the following list for the filter you want to install. If necessary, replace the path “C:\WINDOWS\MSAPPS\GRPHFLT” with the appropriate path to the filter.

[MS Graphic Import Filters]







Tagged Image Format(.TIF)=C:\WINDOWS\MSAPPS\GRPHFLT\TIFFIMP.FLT a dilemma because it becomes an exchange of subjective opinion – we end up talking past each other because we have no common ground.


ILLUS.: Africa  – talking to an African – discussion how to fend of evil spirits –  Westerner responds – “I don’t believe evil spirits exist” — The gap between the African’s and the Westerner’s worldview is too great to discuss demon counter measures.


First there need to be a link up between the engine and the coaches!!


What can we learn from the Apostle Paul??




Acts 17 in Thessalonica .. Berea .. Athens Paul goes into the synagogue with the Jews and the God-fearing Greeks (Proselytes – Gentiles who had converted to Judaism) – He reasons with them from the scriptures [v.2] – this is the OT. He begins where they are and with what they accept.

When he comes to Athens and he wants to engage with the Epicureans and stoics and other philosophers he doesn’t sit in the synagogue and wait for them to come to him he goes to the marketplace and to Mars Hill (Areopagus) – to where the people are.

NOTE that he doesn’t begin with the scriptures – (because he suddenly doesn’t believe in them?? – not for a minute!) – Can you imagine Paul saying “Well the Jewish scriptures say …” ~~ The response would have been “We don’t care what the Jewish scriptures say!!” Paul begins where they are in their thinking and leads on to the good news about Jesus!

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